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Loophole explores the stories of ordinary people who cracked the code, found the keys hiding in plain sight, and won big.

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Austin M. Craig has worked in acting, writing, directing, and producing for film, television, and web video.

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A podcast of ordinary people with the secret to winning big.

Photo by dylan nolte on Unsplash

True Stories

Each episode of Loophole features the true story of those who discovered a secret in plain sight that nobody else had seen. Whether it was a lottery, game show, sweepstakes, or even a qualifying match for the Olympics, these systems were good... but not perfect. They each had a loophole, and each was discovered and exploited.

Regular People

Retirees. A public school teacher. An ice cream truck driver. Those who find the loopholes are, by all appearances, just regular people. But a few key things set them apart. They keep an open mind, look for opportunities, and pay attention to the seemingly insignificant details.

Winning Big

Some of them racked up millions in sky-miles, effectively earning free travel for the rest of their lives. Some won countless prizes and free products. And some walked away with millions of dollars in cash.

Hear their stories and find out how they did it in the coming season of Loophole